Casual Wedding Hairstyles

The dress code for casual weddings comes in simple gowns and the not-so-elaborate hairstyles. This calls for a time to actually let your hair down and enjoy the time of your life. Weddings call for a lot of preparation and planning. Though the theme is casual, there are sophisticated plans regarding the comfort factor for […]

Perfect Hair For the Perfect Wedding

If you are getting married soon then you’re probably getting a bit stressed with all the arrangements. You have probably been looking through dozens of bridal magazines trying to get ideas for what type of dress you want, where the wedding will take place, what type of flowers you want, what will be on the […]

Hairstyles For Brides With Long Hair

There is an old custom that when a woman gets engaged, she should start to grow her hair. There is no doubt that having long hair will give you a lot of flexibility in choosing both your hairstyle and headpiece for your wedding. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the […]

5 Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Winter Wedding

If you have always admired the sleekness of straight hair ever since but would like to try something new, then I guess it’s about time for you to explore curling and experimenting on different hairstyles. Browse below to get the latest on 5 Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Winter Wedding! 1. Genuinely Curly Women with […]

A Beautiful You – Hair & Make Up Tips

Although we are all brought up being told that it’s what inside that counts, we’re all very interested in our appearance. Women especially want to make sure that they look at their best whenever they set foot outside the door. Some of my friends won’t even answer the phone before doing their makeup. Perhaps this […]