Custom Wedding Albums and Photo Books

The wedding day is supposed to be the most memorable day for the bride and groom and the happiest day in their lives. However, nerves, rushing around, and even family concerns can lead to us forgetting some of the most enjoyable and cherished moments from the big day. Rather than lamenting the loss of these memories, we have photos taken by professional photographers and also amateur photographers, in the shape of wedding guests. All of these photos serve as a reminder of the most special of days.

Creating A Custom Wedding Album For Your Own Big Day

If your wedding day approaches then photographs are just one area that you need to arrange but they are an important one, and an area that you specifically will benefit from. Have custom wedding albums created using your favourite pictures from the big day and you can even leave the ordering until after the honeymoon. Pick a photo for the front cover, another for the back cover, and then mount your own photos on each side of the photo album.

Updating Old Wedding Pictures With A New Wedding Album

Old wedding photos can become damaged and this especially true of older photos. The picture itself can become faded or the material on which it was printed can become damaged, ripped, or torn. Rather than throwing them away or making do with them as they are, it is worth scanning them on your computer and having them professionally printed. This allows you to keep a digital copy in case it is needed in the future and also allows the professional printing service the opportunity to work on your photo in order to restore some its past glory.

Creating A Photo Album As A Gift For The Happy Couple

Custom wedding albums also make great personalised photo gifts to give to the happy couple. Choose the size that you want and any other optional extras, pay for the customised wedding album and then receive a photo gift certificate in the post. This can be presented to the happy couple on or before their big day giving them one less thing to worry about and providing them with a beautiful photo gift that will last a lifetime.

Photo Books

A photo book is an alternative way to print and show off your best wedding photos. The cover is customised in the same fashion as the photo album cover but instead of mounting your own photos on every page, a professional printing service will print the pictures you choose directly onto each and every side of the photo book design. Use a single photo per page or create more unique designs using multiple photos and even adding your own text if you wish.

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