Handmade Wedding Invitations with Custom Features

Many brides are tired of the same traditional wedding invitations that others have been using for decades. The wedding day is one of the most cherished days in a couples lives, so everything needs to be perfect. Every story is unique with the meeting, dating and other stories that the couple shares, so wedding invitation should be unique as well. This is the reason that many couples are turning to handmade wedding invitations. The invitation is the first impression of the special day that guests get a peek of. If the wedding invitation is plain Jane with the typical sayings and colors the guest will assume the wedding will be the same. With a handmade or custom wedding invitation the couple gets to choose the entire style and mood of the first impression.

Custom Wedding Invitation with Photograph:

Many brides have turned to a custom wedding invitation that includes a photograph of the couple. This photograph not only personalizes the invitation, but also gives the recipient a gift to cherish. When an invitation arrives with this detail and the picture of the couple it signifies the love shared by the couple. Some of these custom wedding invitations are actually handmade. This is because the bride desires some detail that can only be completed by hand and not machine. Details such as ribbons, dried flowers or leaves, sequence, pearls or other decorations can be added to enhance the invitation. These details show how dedicated the couple is to making their special day perfect.

Scroll style handmade wedding invitations:

A newer style has hit the market in regards to wedding invitations and notifications. These are only available through custom or handmade wedding invitations only. Basically the invitation is customized on paper that looks almost antique, two scrolls are place on the ends and it is rolled. This is an absolute exquisite way to notify guests of the big day. The scroll is then enclosed in a tubular mailer that is delivered to the guest. These invitations must be made by hand because of the scroll attachment and rolling that is required. The scroll style invitation can also include the other details of bows, lace, pearls because they require hand made attention anyway.

Special Quotes/sayings custom made wedding invitations:

Most couples share some special song, poem or saying that is unique only to their love. Some have decided to customize their wedding invitation with this information. These require custom wedding invitations. It may be a pledge of love, poem or other quotes that the couple wishes to share with their friends and family. With many couples looking for something unique from the traditional this is where they are changing wedding from all the rest. These custom wedding invitations can use a poem to incorporate all the information of the wedding. This is a very unique yet effective way to notify the guests.

There are a number of ways to have a custom wedding invitation. Most printers will work with you whether it is a custom saying or a handmade wedding invitation. The price will most likely increase with the amount of detail that is required for the invitation. Handmade wedding invitations can be a timely request, requiring close attention to detail to make the perfect invitation. If you are looking for a unique wedding invitations then look to the handmade or custom wedding invitation to make your event special.

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