The Seven Key Bridal Accessories

It’s not all about the dress. The dress is a key piece for your wedding style, but you really can’t wear it alone. You need to have some of these key wedding accessories to really make you into a bride.

1. Shoes
You will need shoes for your wedding. You can buy some great shoes from bridal boutiques or you can go to a dance shop and buy some soft dancing shoes (like for ballroom dancing). When choosing your shoes remember you will have to wear them all day and you must be comfortable, as there is a lot of standing to do. (I remember that I was in agony by the time I got out of the church! )

2. Bouquet
When choosing your bouquet try to imagine how it will look with your dress and get flowers to complement your colour schemes. If you are going for fresh flowers collect pictures of bouquets you like and discuss with your florist your choices for seasonal blooms.

If you want something less traditional or to keep forever why not have a crystal bouquet? Or have some crystals added in with your flowers.

3. Veil
Veils are down to personal preference and they are great, but don’t feel you need one if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one. Veils come in various lengths to reach your elbows, fingertips or the floor. Have a play around with different sizes when you have your dress fitting. Veils also can come with beautiful details so you can match them up with your dress.

4. Bag
There are some exquisite bridal bags on the market so if you want one shop around. Bear in mind that you may not have hands to hold it though. So if you would rather go without get your chief bridesmaid a matching dolly bag and add your things into there for her to look after instead.

5 Garter
No bride is complete without a garter, so choose one you love, borrow one or have a blue one. It will make you feel sexy and is a bit of fun.

6. Hair Accessory
This is the one special day when you can feel a million dollars and wear a tiara fit for a queen. I tiara isn’t quite your style how about choosing a comb or a boho flower to complement your look.

7. Jewellery
No bride is complete without a piece of bling, choose one key piece to wear on it’s own or accessorize with.

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