Let your hearts feel for each other before getting engaged so that your engagement turns to be a romantic occasion, engagements can be very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Taking the next step in life can be daunting, but the honor of showing each other this great commitment will only enhance your relationship and help it grow as a matter of course to the next stage which is marriage.

There are many engagement proposal ideas that your partner will remember such as engagement ring tucked into a Teddy Bear collar. Take the engagement ring and tie a thread to it. A diamond engagement ring is not only a cherished symbol of your never ending love but also an investment which should be well looked after and cared for.

It is never too early to start planning engagement party ideas and wedding receptions, there are many more engagement ideas, from a traditional party to the outright crazy ones and everything in between. Our mission is to help you prepare for a truly memorable marriage proposal and a romantic, unique engagement. Your engagement needs to be special, not just for your special someone, but for you as well.

A formal party for engagement is quite fun and though the word formal may sound a bit cold, it is the party that matters. Whether you have a wedding shower or engagement party, your friends and family will want to give you something special. As a woman, if you are going to propose you should not automatically expect your partner to run out and buy you an engagement ring. An engagement is a significant occasion so why not plan a party to remember.

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