When Should You Start Your Wedding Planning?

A lot of people generally start planning their wedding about one year ahead of the actual event, some less, although people have been known to start booking venues two years in advance. While wedding planning can be a lot of work, it is manageable if you take the right steps, start well in advance of the actual event and stick to a timetable for getting things done.

By manageable this means that you have all of the key people supplying things to you in place, the venue has been booked and you have a good idea about what kind of wedding is going to take place. While you may have dreamed of a fantasy wedding out of a fairy story book, you must tailor your wedding planning to fit your budget.

Start your wedding planning based on your budget, make the necessary adjustments to fit with the money you want to spend on your big day. While it is nice to dream, it may not be financially sensible or even possible to get everything that you want. The main thing is to prioritise your ‘must have’s’ against your ‘nice to have’s’. This is not to say that you can’t have a dream wedding on a budget, but you need to plan out everything prior to moving forward.

It takes a lot of work to get a wedding together and to ensure all your wedding planning is in place to make your day special. People need to be contacted including what church you will want to book, or what registry office, or what venue for the formal part of your wedding ceremony, the priest, preacher or rabbi, the reception venue, music, photographer and caterer should also be booked as soon as possible so that they are all available.

You will want to go down your checklist, booking the services in a priority order so you know what is available and which ones will meet your needs. In other words, the reception venue should be booked first to ensure that it is available for your wedding day.

Starting a year or more out from the event will make things go very smoothly. It will give you enough time to plan, delegate and communicate with everyone involved. One suggestion is to get a wedding planner book where you keep all of your notes, checklists, post-it notes, brilliant ideas, pictures of floral displays, cake ideas to help your wedding planning going without a hitch.

If you follow these tips, by the time your wedding day arrives, everything will be in place, and your day will be stress free. Your wedding will be a wonderful event that you will remember all your life.

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